Reel to Reel 1/4 in. Tape Transfer to CD - Upshot Video Productions

Transfer your Reel to Reel 1/4 in. Tape to CD / Digital. When we record your tape, we also take the opportunity to re-master the audio and bring it today's standards so you can be ensured your recordings will sound the best they can possibly sound. Our engineers have BA in audio production, so you can feel good that your tape will be in good hands. And we don't ship anything away. Let us know how we can help!

Upshot Video Productions - Specializing in In-house Video Transfer, Live streaming Videography to Facebook, Youtube, Ustream, Livestream, & More. Video Editing

Film Transfer - VHS to DVD, 8mm to DVD, Hi 8 to DVD, MIni DV to DVD, 8mm Film to DVD, Super 8mm to DVD, Audio Cassette to CD, Vinyl to CD, Reel to Reel Audio Tape to CD,  CD Duplication, DVD Duplication, Mini Cassette to CD, Photo to Digital, Slides to Digital. Slideshow Production. Photo Restoration.

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