One Day at a Time

First official day open. SEO is starting to gain traction. Still need to take some pictures to fill out our Google business profile. Got some other big things in the works besides VHS conversion. The site is still shaping up. Once we get all the promotional items in place, photos etc. We will start the Adwords with Google. Well, that's about it for now. Going to hit the streets to pass out some flyers

Upshot Video Productions - Specializing in live streaming videography Facebook, Youtube, Ustream, Livestream, & More. Video Editing

Film Transfer - VHS to DVD, 8mm to DVD, Hi 8 to DVD, MIni DV to DVD, 8mm Film to DVD, Super 8mm to DVD, Audio Cassette to CD, Vinyl to CD, CD Duplication, DVD Duplication, Mini Cassette to CD, Photo to Digital, Slides to Digital. Slideshow Production. Photo Restoration.

Upshot Video Productions
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